Nitty-Gritty (Sandalwood & Cedar)

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I don’t want to be abrasive, but you could use some soap!

Some of you folks just like to play in the dirt.  I don’t care what your sport, job, or hobby is, if it involves dirt you’ve probably got it stuck on you like I am on a doughnut!  That’s where this soap comes in.  It combines the great smells of Sandalwood and Cedar with finely ground organic egg shells for some gentle exfoliation.  That makes me wonder; What’s a non-organic egg shell?  Is that like a plastic Easter egg?  No clue, but ours are the real deal!

 5-6oz bar

What’s in this stuff? Saponified oils (olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils), fresh goat milk, fragrance oils, ground egg shells, natural pigments.