Birchwood & Oud

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Birchwood & Oud

Woody, Fresh, and Sophisticated... because you’re too good for unsophisticated soap.

Soooo, woody and fresh aren't exactly sophisticated words, but you don’t have be one of them high-society types to appreciate the complex scent of this soap.  But perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Self, will this soap actually make me more sophisticated?”  Well, the long and short of it is... NO.  But if you just tell people that the scent is an intricate blend of wild cypress, ozone, makrut lime, sea salt, oud, elemi, leather, amber, ocean moss, and frankincense, you will at least sound more sophisticated.  So grab your soap, pipe and reading jacket, retire to your den, and do whatever it is that sophisticated people do!  And now that I think of it, that probably doesn’t include using soap in the den!

5-6oz bar

 Saponified oils (olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils), fresh goat milk, fragrance oils, natural pigments.

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